How to record crunchyroll streams and download crunchyroll videos

RecStreams is the best crunchyroll downloader. It can record crunchyroll streams automatically by just adding the desired models to the program. It can also be used to easily download crunchyroll videos at any given time.

You can record crunchyroll videos only if they are public on crunchyroll, RecStreams doesn't support logging in currently.

It supports all desktop platforms, with RecStreams you can record crunchyroll streams on Windows, Mac and Linux.

You can download RecStreams, here.

What is crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is a premier video streaming service dedicated to providing users with a vast library of anime, manga, and dorama content. With a wide range of genres and titles to choose from, Crunchyroll offers something for every type of viewer. From action-packed shonen series to heartwarming slice-of-life dramas, there is no shortage of entertainment to enjoy on this platform. One of the key features that sets Crunchyroll apart is its commitment to bringing the latest and greatest anime and manga releases to fans around the world. Whether you're looking to catch up on a beloved classic or discover a new favorite series, Crunchyroll has you covered with a diverse selection of shows and movies to stream at your convenience. In addition to its extensive catalog of content, Crunchyroll also offers a vibrant community of like-minded fans who are passionate about all things anime, manga, and dorama. From sharing fan theories and artwork to discussing the latest episodes and chapters, there is always something exciting happening on Crunchyroll's forums and social media channels. With user-friendly navigation and a seamless streaming experience, Crunchyroll makes it easy for viewers to dive into the world of anime, manga, and dorama. Whether you're a seasoned otaku or just getting started on your anime journey, Crunchyroll has everything you need to immerse yourself in the captivating and colorful world of Japanese entertainment. So why wait? Sign up for Crunchyroll today and start exploring the endless possibilities of anime, manga, and dorama!

How to record crunchyroll streams - Video Guide

How to record crunchyroll videos using RecStreams - Step by step

How to Record Crunchyroll Live Streams: A Complete Guide

Binge-watching your favorite anime series on Crunchyroll is an incredible experience, but there might be times when you wish to record a live stream for later viewing. Whether it's an exclusive live event or your favorite dorama episode, this guide will walk you through how to record Crunchyroll live streams safely and legally.


Before diving into the methods, it's essential to understand the legal implications of recording any streaming content. Ensure you have the necessary permissions or are using the recordings for personal use to avoid copyright infringements.

Step-by-Step Guide to Record Crunchyroll Live Streams

1. Choose a Screen Recording Software

Several reliable screen recording tools can capture live streams from Crunchyroll. Some of the top choices include:

2. Download and Install the Software

Visit the official website of your chosen screen recording software and download the appropriate version for your operating system. Follow the installation instructions to set up the program on your computer.

3. Adjust the Recording Settings

Open the software and customize the recording settings to suit your needs. Key settings to configure include:

  • Recording area: Choose full screen or specific application window.
  • Video quality: Set the resolution and frame rate.
  • Audio: Ensure system sound is enabled to capture the audio from the live stream.

4. Start the Crunchyroll Live Stream

Log in to your Crunchyroll account and navigate to the live stream you wish to record. Ensure the stream is running smoothly and without interruptions to achieve the best recording quality.

5. Begin Recording

Switch back to your screen recording software and click the "Record" button. You might need to confirm the recording area once more or make additional adjustments before starting.

6. Stop the Recording

Once the live stream has ended or you have captured the content you need, click the "Stop" button on your recording software. Save the recorded file to a convenient location on your computer.

7. Edit and Save the Recording

If necessary, use basic editing tools provided by your screen recording software to trim the video, adjust the audio, or add annotations. Save the final edited version in your desired format.


Recording Crunchyroll live streams can be straightforward with the right tools and methods. Always respect copyright laws and use recordings responsibly. Happy viewing!