Missing your favorite streams? Want to download videos?

Try this!

RecStreams is a computer app that can automatically record streams and download videos from almost any site.

Version 1.0 released! (14/10/2020) - Changelogs

RecStreams can record several streams at once from multiple websites, you can check which sites are supported by clicking here.

There are two options for recodring: Download streams and Monitor streams.

Download Streams: It checks if the stream is online, if it is, the stream will be recorded until it ends or is interrupted.

Monitor Streams: Works like the download option, but will periodically check if the stream is online instead of only once, this means all future videos from that stream will be automatically recorded.

Extra: RecStreams can also download static videos (youtube videos for example) from the supported websites.

Video example

How to record streams - step by step

Tutorial image 1

Step 1

Visit the website and copy the stream's full url.

Tutorial image 2

Step 2

Open the RecStreams app and click on the "Add Stream" button.

Tutorial image 3

Step 3

A new window will pop up, select a name to identify the stream and paste the link. Also select the video duration and video format.

Tutorial image 4

Step 4

Select the stream(s) you want to record and press "Download Streams" and it will begin recording. Videos will be saved to the videos folder, but you can change this in the settings menu.