How to record tv4play streams and download tv4play videos

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What is tv4play

TV4play is a cutting-edge streaming service from TV4, a popular Swedish free-to-air broadcaster. With TV4play, viewers can access a wide range of Live TV channels and on-demand video content, all in one convenient platform. Whether you're looking to catch up on your favorite TV shows, stream live sports events, or discover new series and movies, TV4play has you covered. The user-friendly interface makes it easy to navigate through the extensive library of content, and with the option to customize your viewing experience, you can tailor your entertainment to suit your preferences. Stay up to date with the latest news, watch engaging documentaries, or indulge in binge-watching popular dramas - whatever your taste, TV4play has something for everyone. Join the millions of viewers who rely on TV4play for their entertainment needs and enjoy seamless streaming on any device, anytime, anywhere. Discover the future of television with TV4play.

How to record tv4play streams - Video Guide

How to record tv4play videos using RecStreams - Step by step

How to Record TV4Play Live Streams

TV4Play is a popular live TV and video-on-demand service from TV4, a Swedish free-to-air broadcaster. Many viewers want to record TV4Play live streams to watch their favorite shows later. In this guide, we will walk you through the steps to record TV4Play live streams.

Step-by-Step Guide to Recording TV4Play Live Streams

1. Choose the Right Software

The first step is to choose a suitable software that can capture live streams from TV4Play. Here are a few recommended options:

  • OBS Studio: Open-source and free software that's widely used for live streaming and recording.
  • Audials Movie: A premium software that offers extensive options for recording streaming services.
  • Streamlink: A command-line utility that extracts streams from various services including TV4Play.

2. Install the Software

Once you've chosen your software, it's time to install it. Follow the installation instructions provided on the official website of the selected software.

Note: Make sure to download the software from the official website to avoid any malware or unwanted programs.

3. Setup and Configure the Software

After installing, launch the software and configure the basic settings:

  • Open OBS Studio, go to Settings > Output and choose the recording format and quality.
  • In Audials Movie, you might have specific options for streaming services. Ensure you select TV4Play.
  • Streamlink users need to set up the command-line options properly for recording.

4. Capture the Stream URL

You'll need the URL of the TV4Play live stream. You can obtain this by navigating to the live stream on TV4Play's website and copying the URL from the address bar of your browser.

5. Start Recording

Follow these steps based on your chosen software:

  • OBS Studio:
    1. Open OBS Studio.
    2. Click on + (Add) under the Sources box and select Browser.
    3. Paste the TV4Play live stream URL, adjust width and height, then click OK.
    4. Click Start Recording to begin capturing the stream.
  • Audials Movie:
    1. Open Audials Movie.
    2. Select the Streaming tab and choose TV4Play.
    3. Paste the stream URL if needed and click Record to start capturing.
  • Streamlink:
  • streamlink URL best -o output.mp4

6. Save and Access the Recording

Once you're done recording, stop the recording on your software. The recorded file will be saved in the designated folder on your computer. You can now watch it at your convenience.

Legal Considerations

Before recording any live streams or videos from TV4Play, ensure you understand the legal implications. Recording copyrighted content without permission might infringe on the broadcaster's rights. Always use recordings for personal use and avoid sharing them without proper authorization.


By following these steps, you can easily record TV4Play live streams and enjoy your favorite shows anytime. Choose the software that best suits your needs, configure it properly, and start recording. Remember to always consider the legal aspects before capturing any content.

Disclaimer: This guide is for educational purposes only. Always adhere to the terms and conditions of the streaming service.