How to record sportal streams and download sportal videos

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What is sportal

Welcome to Sportal Live Stream, the ultimate destination for all sports enthusiasts! Owned by the renowned Bulgarian sports media website Sportal, our channel offers round-the-clock coverage of all the latest sporting events, news, and updates. From football to tennis, basketball to wrestling, we've got you covered with live broadcasts of your favorite games and matches. Our team of expert analysts and commentators provide insightful commentary and in-depth analysis to enhance your viewing experience. Stay connected with the world of sports through our exclusive interviews with athletes and coaches, behind-the-scenes footage, and special features on your favorite teams. Whether you're a die-hard fan or a casual viewer, Sportal Live Stream has something for everyone. Join us as we bring the thrill of the game right to your screen, with high-quality streaming and real-time updates. Don't miss a moment of the action – tune in to Sportal Live Stream for all your sporting needs!

How to record sportal streams - Video Guide

How to record sportal videos using RecStreams - Step by step

How to Record Sportal Live Streams

Sportal, a renowned Bulgarian sports media website, offers live streams through its Sportal channel. Recording these live streams enables you to watch your favorite sports events at your convenience. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the steps to record Sportal live streams efficiently.

1. Choosing the Right Software

There are numerous software options available that can help you record live streams. Here are a few popular choices:

  • OBS Studio: A free and open-source software for video recording and live streaming.
  • VLC Media Player: Besides being a versatile media player, it has built-in streaming and recording capabilities.
  • Bandicam: A lightweight screen recorder for Windows.
  • Camtasia: An advanced video recording and editing tool.

2. Setting Up OBS Studio

OBS Studio is one of the most widely used tools for recording live streams. Follow these steps to get started:

  1. Download and install OBS Studio from the official website.
  2. Launch OBS Studio and complete the initial setup wizard.
  3. Click on the “+” button under the “Sources” box and select “Browser Source”.
  4. In the “URL” field, enter the URL of the Sportal live stream you wish to record.
  5. Adjust the width and height to match the stream’s resolution. Click OK.
  6. Click “Start Recording” at the bottom right to begin recording the live stream.

3. Using VLC Media Player

VLC Media Player is another excellent option for recording live streams. Here’s how to use VLC:

  1. Download and install VLC Media Player from the official website.
  2. Open VLC Media Player and select “Media” > “Open Network Stream”.
  3. Enter the Sportal live stream URL in the network URL box and click “Play”.
  4. To start recording, click on “View” and select “Advanced Controls”.
  5. Click the red “Record” button to begin recording. Press it again to stop.

4. Using Bandicam

Bandicam is a straightforward screen recording software for Windows. Follow these steps:

  1. Download and install Bandicam from the official website.
  2. Launch Bandicam and select the “Screen Recording Mode”.
  3. Drag the recording frame over the area where the Sportal live stream is playing.
  4. Click the “REC” button to start recording the selected area.
  5. Click “Stop” when you’ve finished recording.

5. Final Tips and Best Practices

Tip: Ensure your internet connection is stable to avoid interruptions during the recording process.

Here are a few final tips to help you get the most out of your recorded live streams:

  • Test Before Recording: Always do a test recording to ensure everything works correctly.
  • Storage: Ensure you have enough storage space on your computer to save the recordings.
  • Format: Save your recordings in widely accepted formats like MP4 for better compatibility.


Recording Sportal live streams allows you to enjoy your favorite sports events anytime. By choosing the right software and following these steps, you can easily capture and rewatch live broadcasts from the Sportal channel. Whether you use OBS Studio, VLC Media Player, or Bandicam, ensure you test your settings for a smooth recording experience.

Disclaimer: Recording live streams for commercial purposes might violate copyright laws. Always ensure you have the appropriate rights or permissions to record content.